turn-based-strategy android ios steam cross-platform

Play against other players in teams or alone. Use different races, heroes and their abilities strategically to defeat your opponents in different game modes.

Various game modes.
- Play against other players in 1vs1, 1vs1vs1 or in 2vs2 game mode.
- Play for time in "expert mode"! Each round has a limited duration!

Dynamic game world.
- Strategically exploit natural events to defeat your opponents.
- Randomly appear natural events in the form of a meteor shower, tornado or other nature events!
- Attack your opponents in a forest or from a hill to get an advantage in battle!

Different races
- Play with 9 different races and master their advantages

Different heroes.
- Take advantage of different heroes and their different abilities.
- Customize the appearance of your heroes!


- New achievements view
- New daily quests
- New achievements
- New skins (Arthur / Imaev)
- New hero visual effects: Aura
- New "skip all turn actions" button
- Occupy shrine effect added
- Multiplayer search timer added
- New "add as friend" button to rewards view added
- Daily quests fixed
- Main background music changed
- Navigation points visible on Fog of war
- Minimap view fix
- Unequal Zoom fix
- Target marker visibility fixed
- Leaderboard score fix
- Gems rewards adjusted
- Tutorial fog of war adjusted
- Various UI adjustments

- Changing key assignments added
- Camera movement with keys added
- UI Tooltips are now direclty visible, objects tooltips appear after 2 seconds
- Shop error fixed
- Fixed imprecise mouse click

- Removed email/password login/registration
- Added apple game center-, android play games- and steam login
- Added old accounts import (created with email/password)
- Added french language
- Changed UI font style
- Fixed error where damage was shown wrong
- Fixed several multiplayer errors (matchmaking)
- Several UI adjustments